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Shopify Site re-write

The artist behind Winnipeg-based Fineformdesignmake approached me with a problem common to many artists: He wanted to make ART, not write copy for his website.



The objective of this project was to rebuild the website to reflect the evolving brand of the artist.  The following elements were included:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Product descriptions
  • Alt text for images
  • SEO strategy
  • Pinterest integration

The challenges of this project were addressed in the following ways:

  • The early development of a Tone Guide allowed us to refine and develop the artist’s vision for his online store, and will continue to be useful as he develops his online presence on other platforms.
  • To address SEO, careful attention was paid to heading text, the use of keywords, and the development of evocative product and alt text descriptions.
  • Future considerations include integrating with Pinterest and Instagram


Strangvase collection by Fineformdesignmake.

I needed solutions, and Susan diligently found them for me. My new site is a far cry from the old one, and that is due to the COPY!

Kevin B.

Artist & Small Business Owner, Fineformdesignmake

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