Can I let you in on a little secret? 

I don’t really like advertising.

Maybe it’s because copywriters are hyper-focussed on words, but in my head, the meaning of the word advertising has gotten tangled up with the idea of fast-fashion’s 52 “micro-seasons” and images of the resulting piles of discarded clothing. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve fallen into the retail-therapy trap a few times myself, but my focus these days is on quality, durability, and authenticity, whether we’re talking about what I consume, or what I create.

Do you know what I mean? 

I know “I don’t like advertising” sounds ironic coming from a copywriter, but hear me out: I don’t like advertising that uses dubious tactics to sell products and services they don’t need, or even want. I can’t write convincingly about something I don’t believe in, no matter how much wordsmithery or linguistic carpentry I employ.

Still with me? Good- because this is where you come in.

My best work in the world has always been done when I have been working to support someone else. My most satisfying days as a copywriter are spent behind the scenes, helping individuals improve their website copy, one word at a time. The work of a copywriter isn’t just about word choice and the oxford comma; it’s also about helping you, my client, present your product or service in an authentic, meaningful way. Are you someone who is offering value-driven, authentic products and services, who wants to stand out from the crowds of others offering 52 seasons of over-promise and under-deliver? 

You’re in the right place!

I work with artists creating objects of exceptional beauty; I work with health and wellness professionals who offer their clientele the best of their knowledge and passion; I work with healers and creatives and teachers of all kinds, because you know that what we put out into the world matters. What you put out into the world matters. Let me help you make it exceptional.

Words matter. Make yours count. 

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